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Our Approach

As a leading mobile technology solutions provider, Pyro is in a position to make a difference. Our aim is to give significance to social and environmental causes in such a way that they create value for our customers as well as the company. Our commitment is to manage our business well and to deliver an overall positive impact towards our customers, employees, associates, technology partners, the wider community and the natural environment.

Our primary corporate responsibilities are to:
  • Serve the needs of our customers
  • Make Pyro a great place to work
  • Provide good stewardship of the environment
  • Contribute resources – people, technology, funds, products and services to support communities in which we operate
  • Progress innovatively and strengthen the capability of Pyro thereby providing a strong foundation for economic growth, productivity improvement, sustainable prosperity and a global competitive advantage

Conducting business responsibly

Pyro corporate is committed to uphold the highest standards of business conduct. We live by a Code of Business Conduct that includes policies and procedures for conducting business in a legal and ethical manner.

With presence across the globe and a growing international footprint, we know that our long-term ability to prosper depends on how we respond to the changing social and environmental expectations of our employees, customers, investors, regulators and the wider public. These expectations increasingly extend beyond our own operations and into our supply chain and relationships with our business partners and in our overseas operations. We're committed to responsible business practice wherever we operate.

Since inception, Pyro Group has put the customer before everything. All our ideas, products and services are driven by our passion to delight our customers around the world through the way we work. Responsive, professional, impeccable integrity and excellence as traits have ensured that our relationships are a testament to our customer focus.

We are committed to excellence in corporate governance, transparency and accountability.

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